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Waqar Ahmed Sheikh

Contact for Operation, Packing / warehousing
Dir Tell# 92-21- 32465195
Email: waqar@wan-international.com

Aamir R. Chaudhry
(General Manager)

Contact for Custom Matters
Mobile # 92 -0300-3364155
Email: aamir@wan-international.com

Masroor Hussain Bukhari
(General Manager Freight & Shipping)

Contact for Freight Inquiry
Email: burraq786@yahoo.com, burraq786@cyber.net.pk
Website: www.burraqlogistics.com
Mobile: 00 92 345 2718178

Presently we have highly dedicated team to support management in operation
Office Management
Syed Mahmood Rizvi
Manager Operations along with 05 staff.
Port Operations
Faisal Khan along with 6 supportive staff.
Custom Operations
Abdul Qadir along with 3 supportive staff.
Air Freight Unit
Arif Khan along with 02 supportive staff.
Port Qasim
Muhammad Ashraf with 03 Supportive staff.

Management Philosophy

Our management philosophy is based on following operational guidelines:

  • Providing the maximum advantage to our client pertaining to customs, k. P. T., and k. M. C. Etc. Available at law.

  • To appraise the client ahead of time of all anticipated difficulties and jointly device contingencies and plans to overcome them.

  • Extra care and attention is paid to satisfy the customers demand which makes the difference between a job just done and a job well done.

  • We believe that the customer's time is very precious, so our energy is utilized for the timely execution of the job.

  • To undertake the work assigned to us with maximum efficiency.

  • Avoid any unethical practices and to provide best coverage to our client under the govt. Law.
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